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PRLLNKRCHN is a technical-deathmetal band named after the most nothing-to-do town in Austria.

PRLLNKRCHN's unique twist of aggressive yet atmospheric modern metal engulfs the listener with instrumental-melancholic-violence and raw self aware lyrical nihilism.

Kodokushi Release:

Solely written, recorded and produced within four walls, KODOKUSHI (or lonely death) is PRLLNKRCHN first attempt at storytelling.

Divided into four unique singles and visually narrated through Matt's (vocals) very own noire lenses, it depicts the sudden, unstoppable, yet unbearable, derailment of the human spirit.

Beginning with an intense hymn-for-it-all-to-end (FEMTO), and quickly pacing through both the beauty of toxic romance (METHADONNA) and an irrational yet heart-felt, violent, ego-trip (MAUSER MAKEOVER), KODOKUSHI closes its lustful cycle with the pop-culture-inspired VANTA. And all the listener will be left with is to "let him in".

PRLLNKRCHN next Episode is set for single-by-single release throughout 2021.


Matt D'Attardi - Vocals
Raphael Hofmann - Guitar
Viktor Sohm - Bass
Clemens Nolz - Drums


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Methadonna (Live Session)

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Femto Visualizer

Femto (Live Session)

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credit: Bulkin Aesthetic (click for print-size)

credit: Bulkin Aesthetic (click for print-size)